Demo Version 1.1.0

- Added a Quest Log that shows the single steps the player has to perform in case he or she rushed through the dialogue and doesn't know what to do or hasn't played for a while. Also this will allow for less linear quests in the following chapters of the game.

- The game now frequently autosaves into autosave slot 5. The game does this at each map transfer, preventing the player from getting stuck in any puzzles.

- Added some dialogues.

- Adjusted some existing dialogues.

- Visually overhauled the cave ceilings and fixed a problem where the overlay for them wouldn't show up.

- Fixed the respawn rate of the mushrooms in level 5 of the ice cave.

- Removed the categories "Weapon", "Armour" and "Key Item" from the items tab as they are not needed for the game.

- Added some additional movement restrictions for wild animals to stop them from standing in weird places/blocking the player from moving.

- Fixed that the bunny still shows up in the inventory after releasing it.


Dragon's Hope - 295 MB
Mar 16, 2018
Dragon's Hope - 279 MB
Mar 16, 2018
Dragon's Hope - 282 MB
Mar 16, 2018

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